Your partner in CAE and CFD Simulation

CAE and CFD simulation software are today largely used by industry. General software  tools are available on the market and cover a large variety of application but often fail in providing a fast, reliable and cost effective solution to challenging industrial applications.  Reliable simulation relies on the understanding of a large number of physical properties and models and the manipulation of various software tools.

NUMFLO addresses these requirements and accompanies your CAE and CFD workflow. We provide high level consulting services and technology to simulate and optimize complex industrial components and process. Our main area of expertise are:

  • Simulation of complex fluids-multiphysics applications;
  • Provider of innovative technology and models in response to specific requirements;
  • Integrator of in-house or new technology in commercial CAE software systems, guarantying maintainability and support.

We cover a wide range of industrial applications where fluids play an important role. Please visit or Gallery with some examples of applications.


Numerical Computation of Internal and External Flows Prof. Ch. Hirsch - New Edition: